This is my image from the photo shoot with David Lam.
I am really happy with this photo because it is a very high fashion pose, and it shows off my print in a really strong way. which is just what i wanted, for me this project is all about the print, therefore it was vital that the print was shown off in the best possible light.

Working with a professional photographer was really interesting to see how he worked to get the best shot possible.


Once i had created my final prints i then put them into dress shapes on Photoshop. therefore i was able to create 100s of dress designs from one print design, by simply changing the scale of the print, where it sat on the body and rotating the print.

These are some more of my final print designs, i created them all on Photoshop by blending three different types of prints. I am really pleased with how they have come out, and the use of colour as i have not got a colour palate because all of the prints are played around with on photoshop to get the best possible look.


This is one of my final print designs that i will put into a dress.
This design has come about through mixing three different types of print together, florals, geometric and images from Versailles.

Basso and Brooke fall 2010
I have really been inspired by this collection for my final major project, as i want to create a print collection that is bright and bold, just like this collection.
I am drawn to the different mixes and styles of prints that are all brought together to create one larger print, that is then created into garments.


David LaChapelle

I have been looking at David LaChapelle's work because of his style, its very bold, bright and quirky. i like the mix of different objects that he puts together in one shot, its this mix that makes his work stand out so much. i would like to take inspiration from this kind of style and work it into my own work, so i can create some prints that are bold and bright, and suitable for the highstreet.

Paris was a great inspiration for me with my final major project, especially Versailles. I took quite a few photographs whilst i was there, this was because the building was just so beautiful and there was so many inspiring images there. I was specifically looking at the statues of lions, i was drawn to these from the start, because i feel that i could create some really nice drawings from these which i could work into my ideas for final major project.