This is my image from the photo shoot with David Lam.
I am really happy with this photo because it is a very high fashion pose, and it shows off my print in a really strong way. which is just what i wanted, for me this project is all about the print, therefore it was vital that the print was shown off in the best possible light.

Working with a professional photographer was really interesting to see how he worked to get the best shot possible.


Once i had created my final prints i then put them into dress shapes on Photoshop. therefore i was able to create 100s of dress designs from one print design, by simply changing the scale of the print, where it sat on the body and rotating the print.

These are some more of my final print designs, i created them all on Photoshop by blending three different types of prints. I am really pleased with how they have come out, and the use of colour as i have not got a colour palate because all of the prints are played around with on photoshop to get the best possible look.