Studio G came into college on Thursday, and it was really interesting to see their style of work. If i compare it to mine i know that my style is very different, as Studio G seems to be very feminine with loads of florals, whereas my work is still feminine but i tend to steer clear of florals and butterflies etc.
I think it would be interesting to see if i could send my work off to them, just because it is a bit different.
During doing some added reasearch for my dissertation i came across this article.

As my dissertation is on empowerment and tailrong i just thought that this was interesting.

A little harsh, in my opinion, I'll have Miss Jones know that I, like most twentysomething women I know, have ironed plenty a shirt in my time. As for shoulder pads being worn as a form of armour to warn off the big bad men... Well, yes times have changed since women felt the need to prove their power via what they wore, if indeed that's what shoulder pads were originally designed to do back in the eighties.

Jones goes onto say that since Sex And The City presented women going to work in a colourful and eccentric wardrobes, today's women feel freer to dress as what they are - women. She questions this by asking - "would you give a business start-up loan to a grown woman in a mini skirt with a bustle made of netting?" Personally, I'm thankful that I don't have to prove myself in the workplace through what I wear. I'm grateful for the roads made by those women before me who took on the men by using their dress as a means to show their worth but our situation has changed now. These days whether it's applying for a job or a business start-up loan women, just like men, are viewed on the same grounds regardless of what they're wearing.