28/09/09 week 1

The first week of the final year. The pressure is on!

I have been thinking about my dissertation a lot this week, my session on Monday was actually really helpful, i am now clear about what i want my dissertation to be on and i have a starting point, which is motivating me to move on with it.

The dissertation will be on non gender specific clothing within the fashion world and how tailoring and print design can be used to emphasise this.

For my main project i have decided to focus on developing my drawings for print design.

I have been drawing from imagery of architectural forms, specifically looking at blue prints of old buildings. i feel that this works well with my style of drawing because i feel that my best drawings are always simple line drawings that can be built up and worked on to create a bigger, more interesting drawing, which can then either inspire me to create a print or fashion design, or i can then change that drawing into a print design.

Visiting the V&A museum earlier this week
has really made me think about how important my work is this year, this is my final year and i need to make sure that i do the best that i possibly can develop as much as i possibly can in this last year.
The show itself from the graduates was gorgeous and there were designs in there that i was particularly drawn to - especially this one -
I was particularly drawn to the print design that was printed onto the jacket.
The powerful structural form of the jacket is a lovely contrast to the light golden lines of the print, yet the print itself was very powerful, as i found myself looking more at the print design than at the tailoring of the jacket.