Day 2 – today was really interesting, I spent most of the day doing work for Lucinda (the print designer) and I organised a load of the recent fashion week shows into different groups of colours so she could then look through the different colours of the entire fashion weeks to collate the information and get a colour palate.

Continuously looking at different styles of clothes and colours is making me think about the colour within my work for Indigo. I feel that i am always drawn to using darker colours, blacks greys etc, but i feel that i should be more adventurous with my colour and put more splashes of colour within my work.
This is my colour story for Indigo. I have chosen this because i have taken inspiration from blue prints and i thought that this was a particularly beautiful image. The colours all go well together and i think that i will feel confident using the greens and blues within my work to create some strong designs.