Miss Selfridge Work Experience.

First day -

Today was my first day at work experience with Miss Selfridge and it was really exciting, I have met quite a few of the staff members, and designers. From what I can tell it’s a fairly relaxed, but hard working team.
I spent most of the day researching designers from Paris Fashion Week and printing them all off and putting them on mood boards. I think this has also helped me with inspiration for my Indigo work, as I looked at designers that I would not have necessarily have looked at otherwise, and designers that I had never really looked at, or heard of before.
I looked at this Fashion East collection and felt that it linked in really well with my work for Indigo. From this image you can see that there is a strong link to building, and i feel that this has inspired me with my work for Indigo because its nice to see building prints on a dress and looking feminine.

Julien Macdonald was another designer that i discovered today. i was drawn to the collection because of the shapes that have been created through the use of print design. I particularly love this dress because it has insipred me for my second collection for Indigo. I still want to look at bulidings, and bule prints, but i like the idea of having a second colelction that is full of very bold shapes, with hints of the blue prints within those designs.